• NHS Manufacturer Allowance Program offers pricing programs and major discount on over 400 National and Regional food manufacturing companies. 

  • Combination of Direct Rebates and Off-Invoice Allowances on both national and private label products.

  • Cost Savings Impact Reports which show all off-invoice allowance savings generated through utilization of the NHS Manufacturer Allowance Program.

  • Continuously monitors pricing to ensure accurate, correct and lowest price available

  • Quarterly Business Reviews

  • Web Based Menu and Tray Card Programs available

  • Regional Programs for Produce, Dairy, Ice Cream, Bakery and Coffee

  • NHS Regional Managers conduct regular facility visits to continuously update all savings opportunities available. 

Click here to see more about the Web Based Menu Program and Web Based Tray Card Program.

For Extended Care Providers, the challenge to reduce and control supply costs while maintaining quality has never been greater than they are today.

We Bring Value, Simplicity, Flexibility and Quantifiable Savings to Your Purchasing Process.